Help - Membership

How do I Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel my Membership?

Log in to My Account to view Upgrade, Downgrade and Cancel options located on the My Account dashboard.

Automatic Membership Renewal

Authorize your AAA Membership dues to be automatically charged annually or monthly to your AAA Visa or another credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) to prevent any lapse in your membership coverage.

What is an Associate Member?

Associate Membership is available to any individuals residing in the same household as the Primary Member. Associate Members receive the same services and benefits as Primary Members, but their annual membership rate is at a lower rate.

Can I make changes to my membership after I join AAA?

Yes. After you have joined AAA you can upgrade or downgrade your Membership level or you can add or remove associates at any time.

How do I give AAA as a gift?

You can purchase a new or renewal gift membership.

What is the cost to join AAA?

View the membership comparison table for the costs and to determine which membership level is best for you.

Membership Refund Policy

Members may receive a refund if the membership is canceled within 30 days of the renewal date or join date.

What membership levels do you offer?

AAA has 5 coverage levels to meet your needs.

What kind of insurance do you offer?

AAA offers Auto, Home, Life, and Renters insurance.

Will my RV, Motorcycle or Bicycle be covered by AAA?

For vehicle's with more or fewer than four wheels (large motorhomes, campers, travel trailers, and motorcycles), AAA offers an additional membership rider for Plus and Premier memberships to cover RVs and Motorcycles.

Am I or my vehicle covered by AAA Membership?

Your membership doesn't just cover one car. Your membership covers you, in any eligible vehicle you are driving or a passenger, if that vehicle become disabled.

Mobile Battery Service

A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start your vehicle. All-inclusive mobile battery testing and replacement service (at a member discounted rate) is also available to members in many areas. Please contact us for additional information.

Annual Service Call Allowance

In an effort to increase the quality of AAA Emergency Roadside Assistance and decrease delays, each member will be entitled to a maximum of four (4) free service calls per year.

Emergency Repair & Payment for Emergency Repair

Your personal check, valid credit card or debit card will be accepted by AAA facilities providing emergency road service or repairs for AAA members, up to $250. Call AAA for further assistance.

Vehicle Extrication/ Winching

Your vehicle will be extricated/ winched when it can be safety reached from a normally traveled or established and maintained thoroughfare.

Fuel Delivery

A limited supply of fuel will be delivered to your disabled vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest service station.

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Membership

Members must enroll at Hertz Gold Plus Reward Bonus Points will be provided to member's account up to 4 weeks from the first Gold rental return.

Locksmith Service & Locksmith Reimbursement

If your keys are locked inside the vehicle, service will be sent to gain entrance.

Optional RV/ Motorcycle Coverage

The AAA RV Rider is an optional benefit that can be added, for a fee, to AAA Plus or AAA Premier.

Premier Complimentary 1-Day Rental Car

AAA Premier provides a full-size rental car for one day per membership year in the event of a breakdown within the WCNY area.

Premier Home Lockout Service

AAA will reimburse the cost of gaining entry to the Premier member's home, up to $100.

Premier Travel Discount

The Premier Travel Discount provides one discount of $25, $50, or $100 per membership year, per household. One discount per trip on tour, cruise, or group packages booked through AAA.

Premier Used Car History Info

Premier members receive up to two free vehicle history "Car Fax" reports per membership year.

Cancel Your AAA Membership

If you are a Primary member, you can cancel your entire membership.

Can I pay my AAA dues at my local AAA branch office?

Yes, we're happy to accept your payment at any AAA location. You can also make your payment online in My Account.

Can I use a debit card to pay my Roadside Assistance beyond my current membership level coverage?

Yes, debit cards may be used provided they maintain the logo for MasterCard or Visa.

What methods can I pay my Membership Dues/ Renewal Fees to AAA?

You can process your renewal payment online by going to My Account, or you can call AAA at (800) 836-2582 or visit your local AAA Travel Center.

How can I make an online payment?

To make an online payment for membership, visit My Account

How can I receive Member Connection magazine?

As an added benefit of AAA membership, Member Connection magazine is delivered by mail four times a year to AAA Western & Central New York primary members.

How can I request a new or replacement membership card?

A new plastic membership card may be requested by visiting this page, or by visiting any AAA Travel & Insurance Center.

How do I activate or reactivate my membership?

You can rejoin online, call us at (800) 836-2582, or visit one of our local branches.

How do I add additional people (Associate Members) to my AAA membership?

You can add an associate to your membership online or by calling (800) 836-2582.

How do I cancel my AAA membership?

The Primary member can cancel coverages and associate members in My Account, or call AAA at (800) 836-2582.

How do I remove an Associate from my AAA membership?

You can login to My Account anytime and make changes to your account.

How do I renew my membership online?

We offer an Express Renew to quickly pay the balance of an AAA Western and Central New York membership, or you can log in to your membership view complete membership details: renew, upgrade or downgrade, manage additional members, and manage Auto Renewal settings, and much more!

How do I upgrade my level of coverage?

There are 3 ways to upgrade your membership. 1. Visit My Account. 2. Call us at (800) 836-2582. 3. Visit a AAA Travel & Insurance Center.

I have permanently moved to Western and Central New York. How do I transfer my membership from another state or region?

Your membership with AAA from the club you have moved here from will be honored here in Western and Central New York until it expires.

What is the limit of Roadside Assistance calls for my membership?

Each member (Primary or Associate) in your household is allowed four Emergency Road Service calls per year.

I just renewed my membership. Where is my new membership card?

For non-ebill subscribers, plastic membership cards are included in the first renewal notice mailed to you, approximately 45 days before your expiration date. If you still require a new card, you can order a replacement card.

My email address is not being accepted

If your email address is not recognized, you may not have created a password and linked a membership yet.

How can I change my password?

Below are some options to help you get logged in.

How can I change my email?

You can change your email address on file to a new one by first logging in with your old email address: Registration will not accept my membership number or zip code

Be sure to enter the 16 digit membership number which starts with 620084 with no spaces or dashes.

How do I file for Trip Interruption?

Download and complete the attached Trip Interruption Form and return to the address specified on the form. You may also call AAA at (800) 836-2582 to have a form mailed to you.

How do I change my name in My Account?

To change your First Name or Last Name on your AAA Membership Account, you contact Member Services at (800) 836-2582 or complete the form below: 

How to Clear Your Cache & Cookies

Your browser history is a list of every page you've visited online and may hold your information indefinitely. AAA has made some recent updates that may cause issues on your computers end that can easily be resolved by "clearing your cookies or cache".

AAA Mobile App Tip Sheet

This simple-to-use tool can help you with everything from requesting Roadside Assistance to getting the best gas prices in your area.

What is my Gift Donor Number?

If you are listed as an annual gift giver of AAA Membership, and are not an AAA Western and Central New York member, a unique Gift Donor Number is assigned to you. This helps AAA's membership system for gift linking and billing needs.

How do I change AAA clubs?

You moved outside of the AAA Western and Central New York area and need to renew. You can renew with the new local AAA Club. Below are two ways to do this:


Your membership is not up for renewal yet:

Remove from Mailing Lists

Need to opt out or unsubscribe from an email or paper mailing list? Find out more here.

Download the AAA Mobile App to View Your AAA Membership Card

These steps explain how to download the AAA Mobile App and to view your digital AAA membership card on-demand. iPhone devices can also save the digital membership card to the Apple Wallet.

How to Log Into the AAA Mobile App

Steps to download and log into the AAA Mobile App

AAA Mobile App - Unable to Log In with Member Number or Email

The AAA Mobile App might not log you in if you are reaching a different AAA Club's login page. This can happen if you downloaded the App while outside the WCNY coverage area. These steps will help get you reach the AAA WCNY login page.

AAA Mobile App: Using Face and Fingerprint to Log In

As of July 28, 2022, the AAA Mobile App now supports Biometric Login technology. This is the Fingerprint or Facial Recognition function that exists on select mobile devices.