Download the AAA Mobile App to View Your AAA Membership Card

AAA Mobile App

Steps to Download the AAA Mobile App, How to View Your Digital Membership Card


Download and Log Into the AAA Mobile App:

1. Download the AAA Mobile App on the Apple App Store or Google play store.

2. Open the AAA Mobile App. First time registrants: a page presents asking for your zip code. Enter the zip code in the WCNY area (note: if an out of area zip code appears here: be sure to change it to a WCNY region zip code).

3. The home page appears with a "Welcome, Guest! Log In" message (if not lotted in). Click Log In which will present you with a page to login. For detailed login steps with screen shots visit this Help page

View Your AAA Membership card:

1. After successful login, the home page appears again. Select the round person icon in the upper-left corner of the screen:

aaa mobile app's home page with round person icon in upper-left corner

2. The left-navigation menu appears. Click the View Card button. The front and back of the card appears:

select the View Card button


iPhone Devices: Save the card to your digital wallet

3. The Digital Membership Card appears. Click the Add link:

if iPhone select the Add link to save to your wallet

4. The card appears again. Click the Done link:

select the done link to complete saving the card

The card is now in your wallet. If you have allowed this card to refresh in the wallet's settings: the card will automatically refresh itself to the next expiration date upon renewal payment next year.


Contact Us for Help

Complete this form and an AAA representative will reply back within 2 business days.

For time-sensitive concerns that require assistance immediately please call us 24/7 at (800) 836-2582.


Include email if you are seeking My Account login help
Input number in ###-###-#### format.

If your membership number does not start with 620084, your membership is administered by a different AAA Club. Instead of this form please visit to re-route to your local club site.

Retrieve this through your T-Mobile account. Required to apply to your AAA membership. AAA does not have access to T-Mobile account information.