My email address is not being accepted

If your email address is not recognized, you likely have not created a password yet.


Previously, your membership number and zip code was used to access your membership online.

If you last registered / logged in before March 12, 2018

  • A new registration system with enhanced security now exists. It requires a one-time step where you create a password with your email address and link your AAA membership.
  • Create a password today.

If you last registered / logged in after March 12, 2018

  • If you recently requested an AAA representative change your email address on file, may need you to log in with your old email one-time to sync the email change. Log in
  • Did you recently change your membership number? Complete the form below and an administrator will update your account. Provide your old, new membership number and the email address of your account.

The page states my email is already in use

  • If you are the only person who has used this email address, an older registration may need to be adjusted. Please call AAA at (800) 836-2582 or complete the below contact form. Provide your old and new membership number and the email address on file for your account.
  • Each registration requires each person to use their own unique email address to manage your membership and member-exclusive programs.
  • Use a new email address for your online account if a family member / significant other is already using an email managing their account.

We're sorry you are having login trouble. If you require further assistance please call AAA at (800) 836-2582 or use the form below with your email and membership number.


Contact Us for Help

Complete this form and an AAA representative will reply back within 2 business days.

For time-sensitive concerns that require assistance immediately please call us 24/7 at (800) 836-2582.


Include email if you are seeking My Account login help
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If your membership number does not start with 620084 and the service concern is not located within Western and Central New York: to ensure your concern is handled as timely and efficient as possible please leave this form and visit to reach the regional administering AAA Club.