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Nestled in a Rochester, New York neighborhood stands a house where history is celebrated every day. Read more 
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Holiday travel already brings its fair share of stress, and when adverse weather conditions lead to flight delays, the situation can quickly turn into a nightmarish experience. Here's essential information to keep in mind in case your flight is affected by winter weather.  Read more 
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It has been a busy summer for travel, and unfortunately, that strong interest has also attracted criminals who are looking to take advantage of others. AAA strongly urges travelers to use reputable services for their travel needs, and to be on alert for potential scams. Read more 
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It’s the time of year when visitors flock to U.S. National Parks. Read more 
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It’s no surprise that my little ones have grown up as Disney fanatics. Read more 
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Americans are eager to set sail in 2023! A new AAA survey finds 52% of U.S. Read more 
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Winter weather can often disrupt air travel (remember what happened over the holidays with airline cancellations and delays). Some disruptions are out of a traveler’s control, but there are steps that you can take proactively to help ensure a smooth travel experience. Read more 
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The AAA Solo Travelers Club is celebrating 12 years of meetings, extravaganzas, holiday luncheons, new friendships, travel Read more 
Kick off the summer season in 19th-century style at the Genesee Country Village & Museum in Western New York. Read more 
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The roots of women’s history run deep through the city of Rochester, NY, and the Finger Lakes region. Read more