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Don't be caught off guard by winter's wrath. Proactive preparation is key to mitigating the risks cold weather poses to your home.  Read more 
Mark Grubasidewalks, driveway, shovel, ice, snow
Winter is a favorite season for many people across Western and Central New York. From skating and skiing to snowmobiling, the season provides many kinds of outdoor fun. Fresh snow often delivers a blanket of beauty – but when snow and ice accumulate, they can also be dangerous. Read more 
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Freeing your vehicle of snow and ice might seem like a straightforward enough task, but the process contains plenty of pitfalls. Plus, if you do it incorrectly you can damage your car. Here’s how to get the job done correctly. Read more 
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Even the most experienced drivers can get themselves stuck in the snow. Nobody wants to rough it in the snow to free a car, but you can minimize your efforts and save your energy by taking these smart steps. Read more