Ev Charging

Mark Grubaaaa, EV, EVs, ev charging, electric vehicle, electric vehicles
AAA Western and Central New York is helping lead the way when it comes to paving the path to a clean energy future! The Club's new all-electric Chevy Bolt made its debut at this year's Electrify Buffalo 2.0. Read more 
April S. EngramEV, ev charging, electric vehicles
We know there is a plug and we know there needs to be a source of electricity but so many other questions remain. Charging an electric vehicle is not as complicated as you may think. Ask an electric vehicle owner who does 75% of their charging at home and has almost never run out of a charge.  Read more 
Kip Doyleelectric vehicle, EVs, ev charging, sparkcharge, mobile charging station
AAA is teaming with SparkCharge to provide mobile charging stations that will come to your EV when it needs a charge. AAA is also adding EV charging stations to its facilities, beginning with the Car Care Plus location in Clarence and the AAA Travel and Service Center in Amherst.  Read more