U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling it "the 21st Century's Erie Canal." Read more 
Kip Doyle gas mileage, gas prices, saving gas, car, driving">gas mileage, gas prices, saving gas, car, driving
Finding a deal at the pump isn’t the only thing you can do to bring your car fuel bill down.  Read more 
New vehicle shoppers primarily want two things in their next ride – better fuel efficiency and more driver assist safety features. Read more 
Kip Doylesun, glare, visibilty, driving, road, visibility">sun, glare, visibilty, driving, road, visibility
Sunshine: It’s usually something we welcome, especially in the spring. Read more 
Kip Doyleheadlights, winter, driving, visibility, high beams">headlights, winter, driving, visibility, high beams
You know the routine this time of year: Shorter days, less daylight and longer periods of darkness through the winter. This is also the part of the year where we rely the most on our car's headlights. But are our headlights giving us a clear enough view on dark roads?  Read more 
With the arrival of spring and the prospect of fewer restrictions due to coronavirus vaccinations, many teens are looking to start the process of getting their driver’s license. Read more 
Kip Doyleroad trip, tips, travel, driving, triptik">road trip, tips, travel, driving, triptik
Are you and your family planning to drive to a vacation destination this year? Read more 
Kip Doylebattery, auto, quarantine, driving">battery, auto, quarantine, driving
With most people still staying home more through the winter weather and ongoing pandemic, your car may be sitting in the driveway or in a parking space for days on end without being driven. Read more