Cassandra Raposoflood, flood insurance, spring, water, damage, home insurance
Though some areas are more susceptible than others, heavy rains and flash floods should be a concern for those living in our region. Are your home and belongings protected with flood insurance? Read more 
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Is your auto insurance right for you? Find out about the basic types of insurance coverage below. Read more 
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With spring's arrival, now is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and tackle some much-needed yard and exterior cleaning. Read more 
AAA Staffhail, ice, winter, car, damage, insurance
Hailstorms often strike with little warning and typically last for about five minutes. Most hailstones are about the size of a pea or marble, but they can get as large as a softball. Hailstones—frozen pellets of rain—can cause major damage to your vehicle and windows. Read more 
Valerie Pumaaaa news, car wash, damage, car cleaning, approved auto repair
With warmer temperatures in the forecast, AAA is reminding area motorists to visit the car wash, which is of utmost importance every winter. Read more