Keep Your Loved Ones Covered With AAA and Save

Keep Your Loved Ones Covered With AAA and Save

AAA Associate Memberships Perfect for Teens, Seniors
Kip Doyle
Grandpa and granddaughter

You may have heard it before: AAA Membership covers you - not your car. It's a service that follows you 24/7 anywhere in the US or Canada, but what about your loved ones? All is well if they're in the vehicle with you, but what about when you aren't there?

That's the beauty of AAA Associate Memberships, which are perfect for making sure everyone in your household is covered. Not only do Associate members have the same benefits as the Primary Member, they get their membership at a fraction of the price!

Associate memberships are great for teenagers, who will be covered in your car, their car, or even a friend's car or rental. They'll also have access to AAA's bicycle assistance, which will pick up members with a disabled bike and take them to a safe location.

Same for any of the senior citizens in your home, who will always have peace of mind knowing they have roadside assistance service and budget-saving discounts wherever they go.

Those discounts can really add up, too. Whether buying prescription drugs, getting gas or buying movie tickets, AAA can help you and everyone in your family save money.


All of these benefits, in addition to AAA's travel benefits, free battery testing service and much more can be extended to everyone in your home for a great low price. Add an Associate Member to your AAA Membership today!


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