Medicare Refer a Friend

Medicare Refer a Friend
Help your friends and family get the benefits of AAA Medicare.

Refer a Friend and Get a $15 Amazon Gift Card


Have you experienced the exceptional coverage, service, and peace of mind that AAA Medicare provides? Do you know someone who could benefit from it too?

Let us do the Medicare math for them too. You can rest assured they'll receive the same level of care and dedication you've enjoyed with us. Kindly provide their details using the form below. We're eager to address their needs and address any inquiries they have.

Our Refer a Friend rewards program will reward you with a $15 Amazon gift card for every Medicare eligible (or soon to be eligible) person you refer (up to 2 per year).*

*You must be a current AAA Medicare client before referring a friend. Referral must not be currently enrolled in a Medicare plan through AAA and must reside in New York. Gift cards will arrive in approximately 3-4 weeks. We reserve the right to cancel the program at any time.

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