6 Reasons to Book Your 2022 Vacation Now

6 Reasons to Book Your 2022 Vacation Now

Here's Why You Need to Book Quickly
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If you had to scrap your travel plans in 2020 or 2021, you're obviously not alone. If you want to reschedule or book a new trip in 2022, you also aren't alone. Here are six reasons you need to get your 2022 trip booked now:

You can get great deals right now

Travel companies are urging travelers to book trips by offering lower fares and package prices for 2022. Perks like reduced deposits, free Wi-Fi and free room upgrades are being offered. If you haven’t traveled since prior to the pandemic, you might be surprised by the deals and upgrades that are being offered now.

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Pent up travel demand

Americans returned to travel in droves this summer, with recent AAA Travel bookings up at least 11% over 2019 levels, and even more, people are excitedly planning trips for 2022 and beyond. Although the delta variant has raised concerns, an experienced travel agent can answer your questions.

“Whether and how to travel is a very personal decision. By and large, people who were planning to travel are still taking their trips, while being mindful to take precautions to protect themselves and others,” said Paula Twidale, senior vice president, AAA Travel. “The hottest summer travel destinations by far have been Mexico, Hawaii and popular cities throughout the U.S., as well as cruises to Alaska, Greece and the Caribbean.”
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International travel is back

For many, it’s been well over a year since we’ve traveled outside the US. With the success of the vaccine rollout and more countries opening to American travelers, AAA Travel agents have noted a significant increase in inquiries and bookings for international travel, especially for 2022 – with Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and European river cruises topping the list of international travel destinations.

“For those planning to travel internationally, AAA advises booking early and working with a travel agent. Demand and pricing are on the rise for 2022 and inventory is likely to be limited in top destinations and itineraries,” said Twidale.
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Small group tours and small ship opportunities

The pandemic resulted in more small group tour options as travelers vacationed in “pods” as a safety measure. However, the trend remains popular. Depending on the company, a family or group may be able to book a private group tour for as few as 12 people. Planning in advance is key for small group tours, so don’t wait to book yours.
Meanwhile, smaller boutique ships and river cruises are anticipated to be brought back into service first, but cabin space is expected to be limited.
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Fewer restrictions on rebooking and cancellations 

To reassure travelers that it's okay to book now, many travel suppliers are easing up their cancellation and/or rebooking rules with some allowing cancellations and refunds or rebooking as late as two weeks prior to departure. This means you don't need to be afraid to book your vacation -- do it now and secure your spot.

Consider how flexible you are. 

The good news is that you might be more flexible about when you can travel than you were before. The number of employees who work from home in the U.S. is about 59%, and more than half of them will likely continue to work from home. This has led to "workcations" becoming more popular.

These are long-term getaways where people can spend quality time while working remotely. You can vacation on the beach during the off-season, or for longer than a week because you can work remotely from there. If you foresee continuing to work from home in 2022, this might be a good time to book a trip for a longer stay.


The way the world operates, works and travels may have changed, but people have a love for travel and that will never stop. Maybe you didn't get to travel in 2020 or 2021, but if you hurry and book now you'll be able to get that vacation in for 2022.

AAA Travel Agents are your best resource for planning and booking your 2022 vacation; they are available by phone, email, in person, or online.

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