AAA Members Save on Back to School Essentials

AAA Members Save on Back to School Essentials

Use AAA Discounts on Great Gear for the School Year
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AAA Discounts for Back to School

Are you ready to head back to school? You can find great products, services and deals to help you return to school or continue your at-home schooling experience if you choose. Here are some of AAA’s trusted discount partners you’ll want to check out as you prepare for the best learning experience possible.

Upgrade Your Technology With Samsung, HP and Dell
Now that you’re going back to school, you will need your phone, smartwatch and laptop more than ever. You need to stay connected, but poor connectivity and battery power across your devices makes that difficult. Don’t let minor inconveniences cause unnecessary stress while you are trying to turn in an assignment on time. Trade in your old device for a Samsung S21 5G which, among other features, boasts incredible battery life. Boost your GPA with a new, faster computer through Samsung, Dell or HP with your AAA discount.

Get Back to Classes With the Right Glasses
Are your eyes blurry from too many online classes? Make sure your eyeglass prescription is up-to-date so your learning ability isn’t hampered. If you have been putting off your eye exam and squinting through an old prescription, show your AAA card at LensCrafters to get discounts on prescription glasses, contacts and eye exams.

Earn Cash Back at Your Favorite Retailers
Earn cash back while adding to your back to school wardrobe! With the AAA Shopping Cash Back Program, you can earn cash back simply by “clipping” online coupons and shopping in-store at participating retailers like Aeropostale, Finish Line, Crocs and many more. Learn how to get started with the program at

And Earn Cash Back on Groceries, Too!

Fill up those lunch boxes with meals and snacks and earn cash back! 

Now with over 200 new deals each month, including many healthy options, the AAA Grocery Savings Program makes it easier than ever to earn cash back on items you shop for regularly at Tops and Wegmans.*

Get started today at

Make the Most of Moving

Need to rent a truck to transfer all your things from home to your new dorm? Penske Truck Rental offers AAA members a discount of 12% off truck rentals and supplies, and free unlimited mileage on one-way rentals.

Who says heading back to in-person learning has to drain your savings account? Take advantage of these great AAA deals for maximum back-to-school savings.

AAA Discounts

*Wegmans is neither sponsoring nor endorsing this program.

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