Mary McIntosh

9:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday - Friday

Years Experience:
29 years
About Me:

Along with my husband and our daughter, we live in a small Adirondack town in Northern NY. I began my travel career at AAA Watertown in Spring of 1991 as an intern while attending Jefferson Community College. I believe travel is important - it helps expand our minds and explore new horizons. It's a proven stress-reliever. I truly enjoy helping my clients plan and fulfill their dream vacations. My motto is "Life is too short to waste staying home" and my favorite kinds of trips to help plan are things on a bucket list. I love to make memories traveling and I love helping my clients make memories too.

How I Can Help You:

I can offer my 25 years plus knowledge along with personalized service.  I meet with my clients one-on-one and provide details you can't find on the internet, including my own experiences and feedback from past clients. I can tell you what kind of meal/drink plans are offered, what your room will look like, how much money you'll need out of pocket, etc. Plus when you meet with me you'll also have access to everything our AAA travel center offers including luggage, travel accessories, foreign currency, and more. I take care of you from start to finish and make sure all of the details are being addressed. I'll call you before you depart to see if you have any last minute questions. You'll hear from me when you return so you can tell me how it went. And the biggest perk of all when you book with me is that you have the 24/7 comfort of knowing that I'm backed by the entire AAA organization in case of any problem, question or change in plans!

Industry Experience:

I have traveled to Great Britain, many Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, the Bahamas, plus Tijuana in Mexico. I've been to Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston in Canada. I've been all over the US, to New York City, Washington DC, Virginia, Texas, Chicago, San Diego, Denver and the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota (Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse) and Florida.

Favorite Vacation:

While one of the ones I really enjoyed was taking our time traveling through Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming and South Dakota, my favorite vacation was going to London. We did extensive sightseeing in and around the city. It was my first time in  Europe and it was the perfect destination for that first trip abroad.

Dream Vacation:

My dream vacation is visiting Scotland. I would love to trace the family roots.

Travel Certifications:
Caribbean Specialist
Travel Destinations:
River Cruising

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