Kathy Wheeler
Orchard Park

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Years Experience:
41 years
About Me:

Having been born in Washington State and brought back to Buffalo at an early age put travel in my blood from the start – from family car vacations to extensive tours I love every form of travel and feel it has so broadened my view of this amazing world.

How I Can Help You:

I enjoy getting to know you and your preferences. Often clients will ask what I think they should see and do in an area and while I am happy to share the “must sees” I also want input from you: why did you choose the destination and what are expecting your trip to be? Another important fact in this crazy world is communication – I can get in touch with you anywhere in the world if need to be to offer assistance and guidance.

Industry Experience:

Some of my personal favorite destinations are Ireland, Tahiti, Italy, Alaska, USA and  Switzerland.

Favorite Vacation:

Tahiti was so unspoiled and beautiful it truly took my breath away.

Dream Vacation:

I have often thought that I would love to just jump in my car and travel the entire country – stopping whenever and wherever I wanted.

Travel Certifications:
Alaska Specialist
Caribbean Specialist
Hawaii Specialist
Travel Destinations:
River Cruising

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