Krystina Ventry

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Years Experience:
2 years
About Me:

My name is Krystina, I have been a Travel Agent with AAA since 2018 and I have loved every minute of it! It is always so fun to be able to talk travel with anyone who is looking to see more of what the world has to offer helping them plan, and prepare for experiences they don’t know yet. I try to go somewhere new at least twice a year just so I can cross more areas off my travel bucket list.

How I Can Help You:

I love my job, there is nothing more exciting to me then being able to help people be able to travel. I love being that soundboard when booking/planning because sometimes we all need that person to hear us, hear what makes us nervous, help us make the decisions and to see what all is out there. I do this for any and every person that walks through the door. Traveling is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you have the time. Seeing all that the world Domestically has to offer is pleasure that nothing can compare to.

Industry Experience:

I would say I am an expert in Disney and Universal I take trainings on those 2 places often because they are always changing and growing so I always want to make sure I am on top of any new experiences that clients will like. I am also certified in Las Vegas, Orlando, Travel Insurance Allianz as well as many other locations

Favorite Vacation:

My favorite location to travel is New Orleans. There is nothing like that area. They jazz music is flowing, the food is tasty, the culture is amazing and so rich in history. I think my favorite thing about New Orleans is the fact that that area was once under water because of the Hurricane and while you are aware of it. IT is amazing to see it thriving again.

Dream Vacation:

My dream vacation would be the Rocky Mountaineer. I am in love with the areas of Vancouver, Lake Louise and Banff. The views are breath taking, the glacier water makes almost all rivers and lakes this crystal blue and then you add the mountains in the background and it is stunning. I also love riding the train!

Travel Certifications:
Honeymoon and Wedding Destination Specialist
Well Being Travel Specialist
Travel Destinations:
Universal Orlando

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