Karin Del Valle
Del Valle
Independent Travel Agent

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Years Experience:
7 years
About Me:

Travel is my second career. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 25+ years working with children. After planning a trip to Disney with my then 12 yr old, who has some auditory/sensory issues that required some extra planning, I decided to start working in the travel field part time, in addition to teaching college. I loved it so much I now do it full time. I have also worked in the wedding industry (catering, flowers), which naturally evolved into working with couples to find the perfect wedding or honeymoon location.

How I Can Help You:

The internet is a wonderful place to start looking at vacation locations, ideas for travel, and price points, but it's not usually the best place to get personalized service.  Booking with me gives you that personal service and is the difference between calling an 800 number and getting a different stranger each time; or calling <em>me</em> and actually getting <em>me</em> - the person you've been working with all along, with whom you have already discussed your likes, dislikes, plans, options, budget, etc. I work with you to find the best place for YOU, based on what you want, like or need. Most people look at the price first. I look at the price, but also how to meet your wants/needs with that price. When my clients book their travel with me I provide the little things that you might not think of. I stay in touch before, during and after travel to make sure you have what you need.  If there are issues, you have someone to call who you've already developed a relationship with.  Or better yet when things are wonderful you have someone to share that with!

Industry Experience:

I am a Certified Sandals WeddingMoons Specialist and Travel Institute Certified Honeymoons & Destination Weddings Specialist. Once I started traveling to the different Sandals locations I fell in love with the company and the resorts. Along with the Caribbean I also have been to Universal Orlando Resort, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Atlantis and on various Royal Caribbean cruises.

Favorite Vacation:

My favorite vacation is really any trip that includes my husband and 2 kids. From the usual family trips to Disney, Universal, Atlantis and adult only trips to Sandals, to cruising on a Royal Caribbean cruise, each trip brings special memories. Some of the stand-outs include my son walking with the sharks at Atlantis (I thought I was going to have a heart attack), my daughter meeting the Disney characters, and short trips to Toronto for Fan Expo. Any time we can take a vacation together is wonderful.

Dream Vacation:

I love the beach so any trip that includes a Mimosa and my feet in the sand is heaven to me. We have done all-inclusive and al la carte trips. Personally I love to not think or worry about the food my kids ordered but didn’t want to eat, or how much a drink costs, so my dream vacation tends to lean towards an all-inclusive. My dream vacation is an Adventure by Disney river cruise with my family for 10 days. It is mostly all-inclusive and it's an organized tour where you see wonderful locations. Plus it's Disney, so the attention to detail and the customer service is top notch across the board.

Travel Certifications:
Honeymoon and Wedding Destination Specialist
Travel Destinations:
Universal Orlando

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