Heather Colosimo
Disney Destinations Specialist

Disney and I Go Way Back: My love for Disney literally started at birth. My family traveled there from before I was born and continues to do so to this day! It was something that brought us together and I can no longer count how many times I've been to the parks, resorts, on the cruises or on guided Disney tours.

Why I Sell Disney Travel: I chose to specialize in Disney destinations solely because of the joy I get knowing that I participated in creating magical memories for my clients. Many people are intimidated by all of the information out there and the planning required for a Disney vacation, so my job to sort it out for you and take that stress off your shoulders. The planning process can actually be a kickoff to the FUN!!

My Best Travel Tip: When traveling with small children, I pack each day’s clothing in a gallon-sized zip lock. This way I can pull it out and set it on their bed for them to begin dressing while I get myself ready. At the end of the day those bags can be used for wet bathing suits, little souvenirs they’ve picked up or dirty clothes.

The Disney Character I Most Identify With: Mickey Mouse -- I love the classics!

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