Cheryl Smith

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Years Experience:
35 years
About Me:

I was born and raised on the west side of Buffalo and then moved to Amherst when I was 16 years old. I'm married to a wonderful, fun-loving husband and I have two great children, plus two dogs. As a child my parents always traveled with us and I really loved to see the world and everything it has to offer. After completing college my love for travel led to making it my career. I love helping people see the world and make those vacations they only dreamed about become a reality. I really enjoy helping create their travel memories that will last a lifetime.

How I Can Help You:

I share all my personal experiences with my clients to help them visualize their vacation. I always make recommendations based on their needs and budget to give them the best trip they are dreaming of. I always stay informed and updated with any changes.

Industry Experience:

I am a Travel Consultant with over 30 years travel experience and have traveled extensively all over the world. I have completed my certifications for a Master Cruise Counsellor for cruises, Destination Specialist for Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico and the US.

Favorite Vacation:

I loved when I traveled to Italy with my Mom. We did a guided tour starting in Rome and ended in Palermo. The best part of the trip was when the tour guide was able to help us to get to my grandparents' town where they were born and raised. The other trip I really enjoyed was Greece another guided tour that I did with my daughter and friend from work and her sister. Santorini was the best with great memories and lots of fun.

Dream Vacation:

Going to Bora Bora, Africa and Australia New Zealand all still on my dream list.

Travel Certifications:
Alaska Specialist
Caribbean Specialist
Hawaii Specialist
Honeymoon and Wedding Destination Specialist
Master Cruise Counselor
Mexico Specialist
North America Specialist
Northern and Central Europe Specialist
Northern and Central Italy Specialist
Saint Lucia Specialist
Spain Specialist
Travel Destinations:
Central America
National Parks
Ocean Cruising
River Cruising
South America
Universal Orlando

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