Amanda Castro

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Years Experience:
6 years
About Me:

I was born and raised in Southern California,where I started my journey with the Auto Club, before relocating to beautiful Buffalo. A lot of my family and friends describe me as “the adventurous and daring one” because I love to live life on the edge. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to travel the world and do those things that people dare you to do because why not? Now that I get to live my dream and travel the world, the next best thing is to share my experience with all of you and make your dreams come true, too! No better feeling than seeing the joy on my clients faces before and after their own adventures.

How I Can Help You:

My goal is to always make my clients feel and know that they are appreciated and that I care about their experience from beginning to the next time -- never the end. I monitor your bookings for up to date information and inform you of any change. I like to ask “why?” because I want to know more about why you chose that destination or type of travel. Many people travel to celebrate special occasions or simply to just enjoy life- I want to help you do that. I want you to be able to call me or come in and see me. Anyone can book travel but not everyone will have the relationship that you will build by working with a AAA Travel Agent. I create your dream vacation the way you want it, with care and compassion.

Industry Experience:

I have been to Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica, Hawaiian islands (5 times!), Celebrity Cruise, Carnival Cruise, and all over the United States. Being from California, I was a season pass holder at Disneyland and California Adventure for years. While taking family vacations, I have scheduled site inspections of different resorts so I can share my experience with all of my wonderful clients! When I get the chance, I love to go to educational seminars for different destinations to learn about destinations all over the world, to better service you and your travel dreams.

Favorite Vacation:

I get asked this question daily and the first word I say is “Barbados!”. Something about the culture, people, food and beaches just feels like no other place I have been. The warm waters and soft sand make you never want to get out of the water. I saw a lot of historical sites including where George Washington docked his ship to where the first Rum distillery was built. From trees to beautiful birds, Barbados is a destination that should be on your bucket list.

Dream Vacation:

I dream of going to Thailand and Ireland. I love to travel for the cultural experiences and “do as the locals do”. Thailand has always fascinated me because of the colorful waters with the floating markets and the lush countryside. Ireland has always been on my list since I was a little girl because it’s a place where beauty and serenity, laughter and music come together, wrapped up in myths and legends.

Travel Certifications:
Accredited Cruise Counselor
Adventure Travel Specialist
Alaska Specialist
Caribbean Specialist
Certified Cruise Counselor
Certified Travel Associate
Certified Travel Counselor
France Specialist
Hawaii Specialist
Honeymoon and Wedding Destination Specialist
Luxury Travel Specialist
Master Cruise Counselor
Mexico Specialist
North America Specialist
Northern and Central Europe Specialist
Northern and Central Italy Specialist
Saint Lucia Specialist
South Europe Specialist
Southern Italy Specialist
Spain Specialist
Villa Travel Specialist
Well Being Travel Specialist
Travel Destinations:
Australia/New Zealand
Central America
Ocean Cruising
River Cruising
South America
Universal Orlando

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