Demystifying Electric Vehicle Charging

Considering an electric vehicle (EV) but not entirely sure about the details of EV charging? You’re not alone. Even EV owners can find the process a bit confusing, considering the variety of charging levels, ports, and plugs.

Winter Cold Takes Toll on EV Mileage

AAA research shows that when the temperature drops to 20°F and the HVAC system is used to heat the inside of the vehicle, the average driving range in electric vehicles (EV) is decreased by 41 percent.

The 411 on Electric Vehicle Charging

We know there is a plug and we know there needs to be a source of electricity but so many other questions remain. Charging an electric vehicle is not as complicated as you may think. Ask an electric vehicle owner who does 75% of their charging at home and has almost never run out of a charge. 

Charging Ahead

Electric vehicle owners love their cars, but there’s no shaking the dread of running out of power on the road without the hope of recharging. That’s why AAA Western and Central New York (WCNY) is adding the SparkCharge Roadie to its fleet.