Back-to-School Bus Safety

With school back in session this fall, AAA wants to make sure the roads are safe for drivers and students alike.

Stay Safe Around the Swimming Pool

With warm weather comes fun in the sun and splashing in the swimming pool. But many summer activities pose risks.

Where Did the First Road Signs Come From?

AAA played a key role in establishing our nation’s roads, supporting the formation of an early version of the Department of Transportation in 1903, and advocating for safe roads ever since.

What to Keep in Your Car Emergency Kit

Whether you're preparing for your next road trip or the next season, it's a good idea to take inventory of the items in your car emergency kit.

Six Reasons to Go Back to the Movie Theater in 2022

With restrictions lifted, theaters are back open and big movies are slated for release this year. Here’s why you should go back to the movie theater this spring and summer.

Traveling in 2022: What AAA Wants You to Know Before You Go

So far this year, flight cancellations, wintery weather and the COVID-19 omicron variant have all combined to create the perfect storm for travelers. However, AAA wants you to know that it is possible to travel in the pandemic without losing your mind or money as long as you follow this simple advice.

Winter Road Trips: Arrive Safely With Advice from AAA

Let's face it, winter weather can be stressful to drive through. When those drives are extended beyond the common commute, the stress and the dangers involved with driving both can rise. Follow these tips to stay safe on your next winter road trip.

Older Driver Safety Awareness Week Kicks Off

AAA research shows that daily exercise and stretching can help older drivers to improve overall body flexibility and move more freely to observe the road.

Driving Tips: Be Prepared for Ice, Snow and More

The holidays are hectic, and it’s tempting to dash through the snow, rain or ice to get to where you need to go. But rushing on wet, winter roads puts you at greater risk for car crashes.

AAA Urges Drivers to Safely Secure Christmas Trees

If not properly secured, a tree can cause vehicle damage, or even worse, it could fly off or out of the vehicle and become a danger to other drivers.