African American History

Black Pioneers in Automotive History

This month, AAA is celebrating black innovators, inventors, and trailblazers who made a lasting impact in the automotive industry. Take a moment to learn about these historic figures who broke barriers and changed automotive history.

AAA Honors African American History Month

This month, AAA is spotlighting local places and sites that are important to African American history. Follow the links below to learn about places in specific regions, along with prepared TripTiks to help you on your journey. 

AAA Honors African American History in Northeast New York

With its proximity to Canada across Lake Ontario, Oswego County was an important stop for many fleeing slavery before the Civil War. 

AAA Honors African American History in Buffalo Area

Looking to explore and learn more about African American history in Western New York? Start your cultural tour right in downtown Buffalo where many historic sites are open to the public.  

AAA Honors African American History in Rochester Area

Rochester has a rich African American history. A stop on the Underground Railroad, Rochester was home to freedom seekers, abolitionists, politicians, community leaders and others who contributed to the flight to freedom.