AAA Offers New Cash Back Discounts

AAA Offers New Cash Back Discounts

Consumers can save on items they shop for every day
Elizabeth Carey
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Known for its extensive Discounts and Rewards, AAA Western and Central New York is pleased to unveil a new AAA Cash Back Program that offers participants new ways to earn cash back on items they shop for regularly. With the new program, AAA members can earn cash back when shopping at their favorite local retailers, such as Nordstrom Rack, Vera Bradley, or Under Armour Factory Outlet – just to name a few.  

Whether it’s a new summer wardrobe, sports gear to keep active, or vitamins to keep healthy, members can earn cash back by simply clipping their favorite offers online and paying with their linked Mastercard, Visa, or American Express card at in-store check-out at their favorite participating retailers.

The earned cash back can be used toward AAA membership dues or get deposited into a linked bank account. 

AAA’s Cash Back Program is simple to use. There’s nothing to print and no paper coupons to redeem.  Simply follow four easy steps:

Step 1: Link your eligible credit or debit card at

Step 2: Clip offers to earn cash back

Step 3: Shop at participating retailers using your eligible payment card in-store

Step 4: Earn cash back to your AAA dues or linked bank account

In addition, AAA members can also earn cash back with the AAA Grocery Savings Program, which features more than 200 new deals each month.

For this program, members simply link their Tops or Wegmans loyalty accounts to their AAA Cash Back account to be eligible to clip electronic coupons to earn cash back while shopping for groceries.

Learn more about both programs at and start saving today! Both the grocery and the retail savings only available for AAA members in Western and Central New York and both are easy to use on the AAA Mobile App (

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