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My email address is not being accepted

If your email address is not recognized, you may not have created a password and linked a membership yet.

How can I change my password?

Below are some options to help you get logged in.

How can I change my email?

You can change your email address on file to a new one by first logging in with your old email address: Registration will not accept my membership number or zip code

Be sure to enter the 16 digit membership number which starts with 620084 with no spaces or dashes.

AAA Mobile App Tip Sheet

This simple-to-use tool can help you with everything from requesting Roadside Assistance to getting the best gas prices in your area.

How to Log Into the AAA Mobile App

Steps to download and log into the AAA Mobile App

AAA Mobile App - Unable to Log In with Member Number or Email

The AAA Mobile App might not log you in if you are reaching a different AAA Club's login page. This can happen if you downloaded the App while outside the WCNY coverage area. These steps will help get you reach the AAA WCNY login page.