Truck Team: Meet the AAA Fleet

Truck Team: Meet the AAA Fleet

These Are the Trucks AAA Technicians Use
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AAA Vehicle Fleet

AAA Members understand the importance of staying prepared for the unanticipated, and so do AAA emergency roadside technicians. They provide a range of unique services for AAA Members, including emergency roadside assistance 24-hours a day for towing, car batteries, flat tires and more. 

With so many mobile services available, AAA relies on a range of emergency vehicles in our fleet. Check out AAA’s specialized fleet and the unique features each vehicle offers.




Flatbeds are the most common type of tow vehicle that we have in our fleet.  With the increasing number of all-wheel drive vehicles on the road today, flatbeds are the safest way to transport these vehicles. 

There are some disadvantages to using flatbeds.  Sometimes their length can keep them from getting into places where space is limited.


Wheel Lift

Wheel Lift

A wheel lift truck is the modern version of the old boom tow truck that you might be familiar with.  It will lift the front or rear wheels of the vehicle to transport it if disabled. 

The wheel lift is the most versatile piece of equipment that we have.  With tow dollies, it can transport all-wheel drive vehicles, as well as two-wheel drive vehicles. 

It’s boom and winches make it ideal for recovering vehicles that have left the surface of the road. 

With a wheelbase considerably shorter than a flatbed truck, the wheel lift can maneuver into places that a flatbed cannot.  Ideal for work on narrow city streets, or any place where space is limited.


Service Vehicles

Service Vehicle

Service vehicles are used in situations where a tow vehicle is not necessary.  They are equipped to perform lockout service, battery-related concerns, and tire service. 

Because they do not need to carry disabled vehicles, they can be stocked with replacement batteries for our roadside battery replacement program. 

Some service vehicles are equipped with winches so they can perform light recovery work. 

Service vehicles are the most maneuverable piece of equipment that we have.  They are useful for accessing narrow driveways, and parking garages.


Learn more about AAA’s automotive services or request roadside assistance online now.

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