Take a Rental Car Road Trip

Take a Rental Car Road Trip

Leaving Your Car at Home Could Be the Key to a Great Vacation
Kip Doyle
happy driver in rental car

It's often said that the journey is as important as the destination. This is especially true when taking a road trip when you could be spending long hours on the road before arriving at your destination. And don’t forget the trip back home! 

So how can we upgrade the road-trip experience? One smart method is to consider renting a car to drive to and from your vacation spot. Here's why.   



We know that driving a car can be expensive, especially when you factor in the total cost of fuel, maintenance and wear and tear. The 2021 IRS standard business mileage rate of 56 cents per mile includes those costs, making it a good estimation point for how much your road trip will cost you if you drive your own car.  

Depending on how many miles you’re driving, the gas mileage of your car and the days you're on the road, you may find savings in renting for a road trip. Rental cars can be a smart choice if your personal vehicle is unreliable since a repair stop can cost you time and money and bring plenty of stress. 

If you lease your primary vehicle, renting a car for a road trip will help you avoid potentially costly mileage when it's time to turn in your lease.  



When you go on vacation, you're taking time to do something out of the ordinary.  Start that experience when your road trip begins by driving a car that's unique to you. Renting can be an opportunity to drive a vehicle that's outside your budget or usual taste. You can also treat the rental road trip as a test drive if you're in the market for something new.  



If you’re taking your road trip with family or in a group, space is essential. How else are you going to store all those bags and necessities for the trip? Renting an SUV or minivan can solve those problems while giving passengers the necessary space to be comfortable over the long drive.  

Additionally, suppose you're taking your road trip solo or with one partner. In that case, you might look to downsize if you usually drive a more family-sized vehicle.  



Rental car companies offer temporary insurance on their vehicles, but your own car insurance policy generally applies to a rental car for personal use. Check with your insurance agent before taking your road trip and consider getting an insurance quote at AAA.com/Insurance to see if AAA can help you save money on your coverage. 



AAA Members save up to 20% off base Hertz rental rates and receive no charge for up to four additional drivers who are AAA Members and meet standard rental qualifications. Also, ages 20-24 enjoy a waived young renters’ fee. See a full list of AAA Member perks at Hertz at AAA.com/Hertz.


Taking a road trip? Use your AAA Membership to save on a convenient rental from Hertz!