Summer Heat Spells Trouble for Car Batteries

Summer Heat Spells Trouble for Car Batteries

Let AAA Come to You for a Free Battery Test
Kip Doyle
Let AAA Come to You for a Free Battery Test

Is your car due for battery trouble this summer?

Several factors come together during the summer months that put your battery through stresses that could lead to failure.  

First, the winter cold may have taken its toll on your battery’s cranking capacity. Then the region’s summer heat arrives, causing evaporation and increasing corrosion in batteries.  

These factors, mixed with many vehicles being driven infrequently due to the pandemic, can result in summer battery failure. 

Are you unsure if your battery needs service? Here are some signs that you might be at risk for a battery-related breakdown: 

  • Your vehicle cranks slowly when trying to start. 

  • You hear a grinding, clicking or buzzing when you turn the ignition on. 

  • Your vehicle has stalled. 

  • Your headlights dim when you are idling but brighten when you rev the engine. 

  • Your battery is more than three years old. 

Reach AAA at 1-800-836-2582 or request service online at or the AAA Mobile App, and we’ll send a truck equipped to test and, if necessary, install a new battery on the spot. 

Our state-of-the-art battery testers, specifically designed for mobile use, eliminate the guesswork out of whether you need a jump start or if a new battery is required. 


Call 1-800-836-2582 or visit to schedule a free battery test.