Revitalize your ride: Tips for achieving that "new car" feel

Revitalize your ride: Tips for achieving that "new car" feel

Maintain your car’s carpet and upholstery like a pro
Kip Doyle
car upholstery

Are you ready to give your ride that “new car” feel? You can add a “new car” air freshener to help with the effect, but that will only get you so car!

If you really want your car to feel fresh, you have to maintain your car’s carpet and upholstery. Here are a few tips:

  • Cleaning carpets that are in generally good condition, but have localized stains, can be cleaned by spraying a suitable detergent solution on the spots, using a brush to work it in, then rubbing with a towel to remove the stain and cleaner.
  • Cleaning dirtier areas, particularly floor mats and cargo area carpeting, may require the use of a carpet “steam” cleaner equipped with a hand-held attachment. Cloth upholstery is cleaned in much the same manner as carpets. However, care should be taken to not use too much cleaning solution, which can soak into seat padding and foam cushions, increasing drying times.
  • Upholstery fabrics can be sensitive to different cleaners, so be sure to test the product in a small hidden location before using it on major surfaces. To avoid mold and mildew, allow damp carpet and upholstery to dry completely before reinstalling the floor mats or other coverings.
  • To help speed drying, leave the doors or windows open, park the car in the sun and/or use an electric fan to circulate air inside the car. Vinyl upholstery can usually be cleaned with a damp rag, or one wetted with a mild detergent solution. Dedicated vinyl care products are also available that combine cleaners, conditioners, preservatives and UV protection.

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