Protect your car from the summer heat

Protect your car from the summer heat

Scorching weather can damage car's interior and exterior
Kip Doyle
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Summer weather is on its way, bringing with it high temperatures and intense sunlight that can damage the exterior and interior of your car. Take these steps to protect your car all summer long.

To protect the exterior, park it in a shaded area. A ceramic coating or wax can also provide an extra layer of protection against UV rays. If you have to park in the sun, use a sunshade to keep your car’s interior cooler while preventing cracking to the dashboard.

Use window tinting to keep the interior of your car cool and protected. This will reduce the amount of heat and UV rays that enter your car, protecting the seats, dashboard, and other interior components from fading and damage. Note that New York State vehicle law allows tint that blocks up to 30% of light for the windshield and front side windows.

Another factor to consider is tire pressure. Summer heat can cause tires to expand, leading to over-inflation, which can make your car more prone to accidents. Check the tire pressure regularly and ensure that it is at the recommended level to maintain proper handling and traction.

If you want to keep your car cool, keep the inside of your car clean. Dirt and debris can trap heat, making the interior of your car even hotter. Regular cleaning and vacuuming can help prevent this as well as prevent damage to your car's upholstery. Additionally, using seat covers can help keep your upholstery in good condition.

Also, maintain your air-conditioning system. A well-functioning air-conditioning system can help keep the interior of your car cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days.

Protecting your car from the summer heat and sun will help preserve its value and ensure that you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

People and pets are the most important cargo you can carry in your car, so it’s even more important to consider their health inside the car on warm days. Remember to keep them cool in the back seat while driving, and never leave a person or pet unattended in a hot car!


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