Important home insurance questions answered

Important home insurance questions answered

Are wedding rings, dogs, and trampolines covered?
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Wedding Ring

When it comes to your home insurance, the early months of the year are great time to take stock of any changes you've made at your house. Are there any expensive new items in the home? Did you get a dog, or maybe a trampoline?

Let's take a look at some frequently asked home insurance questions and answers.


Is my wedding ring fully covered by my homeowners policy?

While starting to plan the "big day" is exciting, newly engaged couples should think about adding a personal articles policy to their homeowners policy. The policy can cover the rings, as well as any other expensive items in the home - camera, computer, etc.


Does my insurance policy act as a product warranty?

Your insurance policy is not a warranty. If your roof wears out, for example, your insurance policy will not cover repairs - unless the roof was damaged by a covered event.


Do I need to tell my insurance agent if I buy a trampoline?

Your policy might cover trampoline-related incidents and it might not. To be on the safe side, check with your agent to see if trampolines are included in your homeowners policy.


Does my homeowners insurance need to cover my property's full value?

It's only necessary to cover the replacement cost of your home - not the land that's part of your property. Be aware that some mortgage companies may try to require new homeowners to purchase insurance for the entire loan amount, which may be more than the replacement cost.


If I get a dog, do I need to change my homeowners policy?

If you're worried your dog might be a risk to you or others around you, it might be a good idea to give your agent a heads-up. Most homeowners policies should cover dog bites and other incidents, and your liability coverage should cover injuries.


Do I need flood insurance if I live in New York?

Even if you're not in a flood zone, think about where several feet of snow would melt - right into your basement. Adding a flood insurance rider could save you from costly repairs.


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