The Future is Electric: AAA’s Commitment to the Electric Vehicle Revolution

The Future is Electric: AAA’s Commitment to the Electric Vehicle Revolution

AAA Prepares to Charge Ahead as More EVs Take the Road
Kip Doyle
Electric Car

After a few starts and stops, electric vehicles (EVs) have arrived.   

BloombergNEF estimates that 28% of cars sold in 2030 will be electric. By then, it’s projected that 116 million electric vehicles will be sharing the road worldwide. 

But as advancements in battery technology have taken place over the years, EVs have gone from novelties in the 1980s to a common sight today.  

Still, there is some skepticism among consumers about EVs, which has been described as “range anxiety,” or the worry that your car will run out of electric charge before reaching a new charging station.  

Gas stations are easy to find almost anywhere you drive, but the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging is still growing. To assist in this process, AAA is adding EV charging stations to its facilities, beginning with the Car Care Plus location in Clarence and the AAA Travel and Service Center in Amherst.

AAA vehicle repair technicians are also undergoing training on EVs, learning how to service new components and answer customer questions.  

But what about roadside assistance? AAA can service your gas engine car on the go, including battery testing and charging, but EVs require new solutions if they run out of power.  

That’s why AAA is teaming with SparkCharge to provide mobile charging stations that will come to your EV when it needs a charge.  

Plans are also underway to provide an app-based, on-demand electric charging service, in which AAA Members can request an electric battery boost at their convenience wherever their car is located.  

Additionally, AAA is working to make travel easier for electric vehicle owners with plans to include EV charging stations along TripTik® Travel Planner routes. 

AAA’s commitment to EVs extends to AAA Insurance, which provides great rates and coverage for gas and electric vehicles. 


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