FAQ: AAA Pittsford Travel & Insurance Center Closing

FAQ: AAA Pittsford Travel & Insurance Center Closing

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In times of unprecedented change, AAA Western and Central New York continues to adapt and focus on providing the best service possible to our members.  

As foot traffic decreased in brick-and-mortar locations, we quickly revamped operations and developed exciting new ways to meet virtually. As part of this change, our Pittsford Travel & Insurance Center is closing on April 2. However, AAA will continue to fully service our Pittsford area members. 

We created this FAQ to help AAA members in the Pittsford area better understand the closure. We also want to introduce members to new ways of interacting with AAA with no disruption to services. 

Remember, AAA is a simple phone call away for members! Call 1‑800‑AAA‑HELP for Emergency Road Service, 1-800-836-2582 for member services, or 1-800-937-1222 for travel agency services.  

Travel materials, TripTiks®, maps, and TourBooks® can be preordered and mailed to the member’s residence. 


Q: When is the last day the Pittsford office will be open? 

A: April 2, 2021.


Q: What will happen to the AAA travel or insurance agents I worked with in the past? 

A: All AAA associates who worked in the Pittsford office will remain with the organization in their current capacity. Our travel advisors have been reassigned to one of our other two Rochester locations and our insurance agent will continue working remotely. As always, they are also available by phone, video calls or by email.


Q: What will happen to the trip I booked? Will this impact my insurance policy? 
The Pittsford office closure will have no impact on your travel plans or insurance policy. AAA travel advisors and insurance agents remain dedicated to assisting you.


Q: Will this impact my Emergency Road Service? 

A: No. AAA will continue to provide Emergency Road Service 24/7 for our members in the Pittsford area or anywhere else. Simply request roadside assistance at any time via the free AAA Mobile app, on AAA.com, or by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP. We continue to utilize local contractors for roadside assistance to ensure AAA members remain totally satisfied.   


Q: Why is the Pittsford AAA office closing?  
While AAA remains committed to the Pittsford area, the current lease was ending, making it the right time to consider new options and virtual opportunities. After careful and thoughtful evaluation, we made this decision based on our members' growing preferences for conducting business with us through virtual appointments, via AAA.com and phone services not to renew the current lease.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way our members conduct business. Walk-in traffic at our offices is down significantly since the pandemic began in March 2020.  In July 2020, AAA unveiled a new AAA.com experience to assist members from a remote environment. All AAA benefits and services are now available online, via video conference, email or phone; and, members can request services from the convenience, and safety, of their home.

With the closing of the Pittsford office, Sonia Cittadino will transfer to the Penfield location and serve as manager of that location. In January our former Penfield manager, Christine Randise was selected to head up  AAA’s new Virtual Travel Agency with ten dedicated travel consultants offering flexible travel planning options.

As with any business, we must maximize the efficient delivery of services without compromising attention to sound financial decisions. This does not, in any way, indicate instability for AAA currently or in the foreseeable future. AAA is more than 60 million members strong in the United States. 


Q: How else can I obtain AAA services without visiting an office?  
Popular product lines – including Internet TripTiks®, online travel reservations, insurance, and even requests for Emergency Road Service are all available at AAA.com and the AAA Mobile app. Popular AAA Tour Books have also begun to transition to digital format. Remember, AAA is a simple phone call away for members.

Call 1-800-AAA-HELP for Emergency Road Service, 1-800-836-2582 for member services, or 1-800-937-1222 for travel agency services. We can even mail materials to your home. 


We thank our members for their understanding during this change, and we encourage you to continue to take advantage of AAA services conveniently through AAA.com and the AAA Mobile app.

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