AAA & United Way - Tell Us Your Story

AAA & United Way - Tell Us Your Story

Paul McKenna Tells His Story
Valerie Puma
Paul McKenna is making a difference with the United Way

Helping people in our community overcome numerous challenges is what United Way has done for over 100 years, and a mission that AAA Driver Training Instructor Paul McKenna has always been passionate about.

“I’ve been a participating member of the United Way my whole career – all the companies that I’ve worked for have had campaigns like this one AAA does,” McKenna said. “There are so many people that certainly need help.”

McKenna said he and his wife have been fortunate, and want to do what they can to help other families.

“I always thought that since we were blessed, we’ll do a little bit of what we can do to help other people,” he said, “especially young families with children.
We want them to have a good opportunity to grow up and have at least the basic necessities that we get to enjoy all the time.”

AAA Western and Central New York’s 2022 campaign will run through the months of April and May with weekly drawings for those who are current donors and new participants. Paul McKenna won the $25 gift card drawing for Week 1 and is encouraging his colleagues to consider participating.

By donating to the 2022 United Way Campaign, McKenna saw how easy it is to make a difference.

What your dollar buys, graphic

AAA Western and Central New York’s 2022 campaign with its associates will run through April and May.

“It’s such a great program. Whatever you can give — whether it’s a one-time donation or a weekly or monthly gift where you spare a few dollars, — it doesn’t have to be a lot,” McKenna said. “If most of the employees contribute, a little bit can certainly go a long way if everybody joins in. It’s a great program to help out those who need it.”

Please join us in supporting the efforts of the United Way. With generous support from people like you, we can make sure we’re helping people in our community and reimagining a more equitable future, where everyone can thrive.

To participate, visit the website of your local United Way.