AAA & United Way - Tell Us Your Story

AAA & United Way - Tell Us Your Story

Abigail Woestendiek Tells Her Story
Valerie Puma
Abigail Woestendiek is making a difference with the United Way

Helping people in our community overcome numerous challenges is what United Way has done for over 100 years. Through AAA’s partnership and support of the United Way campaign, Abby Woestendiek gave her first donation this spring, and is encouraging everyone to do the same!

“I initially was drawn to participate in this campaign knowing the need is so high right now in Western New York and surrounding areas,” said Woestendiek, corporate recruiter for AAA Western and Central New York. “There are so many families living at or below the poverty level. I am fortunate enough to be able to give back to the community and the United Way is a great way to do so.”

Woestendiek recently participated in the United Way’s ALICE Experience, or Asset Limited, Income Constrained & Employed. The virtual simulation brings groups of participants together to experience the tough decisions faced by families who struggle to afford basic household necessities.

“In this simulation, I was assigned a family profile and needed to build a budget around financial limitations,” Woestendiek explained. “My assigned family was living above the poverty level, but still struggling to afford basic necessities. I was choosing between putting food on the table, having transportation, or taking care of my child’s medical condition.”

It truly demonstrated the challenges households face and the realities of people living with financial hardships, she said.

“No one should have to choose between putting a meal on the table or treating their child’s illness,” she said.

By donating to the 2022 United Way Campaign, Woestendiek saw how easy it is to make a difference.

What your dollar buys, graphic

AAA Western and Central New York’s 2022 campaign with its associates will run through April and May.

“Just $1 per week — $52 per year — could provide diapers to families in need. Something seemingly small to you can make a huge impact on a family in need,” Woestendiek said. “The United Way is a great organization that has a direct impact on the families in your community.”

Please join us in supporting the efforts of the United Way. With generous support from people like you, we can make sure we’re helping people in our community and reimagining a more equitable future, where everyone can thrive.

To participate, visit the website of your local United Way.