7 Tips for Taking Great Fair Photos

7 Tips for Taking Great Fair Photos

Make Memories That You'll Want to Revisit
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Fair Photos

One of the best parts about a trip to the New York State Fair is telling your friends about all the great experiences you had after it's over. Your vacation was unforgettable, and all that remains now are your memories—and your photos. To keep the memory alive, you want your photos to best represent what you really saw and felt, so taking good-quality pictures is important. Follow these 7 simple tips to make sure you capture all of the best moments.

  1. Mix it up! Take a mix of rides, animals, shows, fireworks, parades, the food you ate, the games you played . . . when put together in an album, a variety of subjects tells a complete and memorable story. Tip: If you’re using a cellphone, don’t be afraid to prop your phone on something and use your self–timer so you can get a picture with the whole family.

  2. Timing is everything. The best light for taking pictures is when the sun is low in the sky—the last or first hour of daylight (also known as the “golden hour”). The light is most flattering then and casts beautiful shadows that make for interesting visuals. Take multiple photos of the moment you're trying to capture with “burst mode” on your cellphone camera. Tip: To use burst mode, press and hold the shutter button until rapid fire begins.

  3. Think outside the postcard. Everyone's seen the same old pictures of the same old landmarks—they look the same in everyone’s photos. Instead, try taking your photo from a different angle or at a different time of day; include local people in the frame doing what local people do at that destination; or take close-up photos of landmark details. Tip: When using a cellphone, shoot from a lower angle to find a more interesting perspective while also having a big beautiful background in your photos.

  4. Capture the spirit of the destination. Look for the details that define the feeling of where you are: carnival games, live performances, livestock, food stands, and your kids enjoying rides. Tip: If your cellphone has High Dynamic Range (HDR), always take your shots in that mode. HDR mixes together three different exposures of the moment you’re trying to capture so you can see every detail even in very bright or dark areas. But don’t forget to go into your Settings>Photos & Camera>HDR and turn on the “Keep Normal Photo” so you can have the original images as well.

  5. Frame your subject properly. Use photography’s rule of thirds: Imagine the frame and the subject divided into thirds, then force the subject into one of the outer thirds to achieve a more natural look. Tip: If your phone offers grid lines (check Settings), turn them on to make it easier to use the rule of thirds.

  6. Create a story. Take several photos of the same subject from different perspectives, different angles, and at different times. You can display the story sequence on your walls as a unique collection. Tip: Try using portrait mode to focus on your subject and blur the background, or use panoramic mode to capture a wide landscape.

  7. Back up your photos. As soon as you get home, back up all your pictures on the cloud or a flash drive! You worked hard to take these photos, you don’t want to lose them!

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